Sota Dress

George and Ginger SOTA Tunic/Dress

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The George and Ginger SoTa. What a unique pattern! This is one of those patterns that is perfect if you like to coordinate fabrics or have a collection of scraps! There are the main panels of the tunic or dress and then the triangles, which are called “godets” that are sewn in all the way around the bottom to make a full circle skirt. I chose to make my godets out of a woven fabric. The woven fabric I used has less drape than the knit french terry I used for the main part of the top, so on mine, the godets flare out a bit. Which is kind of fun, like a peplum!

Since the front and back are divided into 4 parts each, I was thinking it would be fun a different complementary fabric on the side panels. I just didn’t have quite the right fabric to do this!

I also had a thought after I made it that maybe on the next one, I would try sewing the front panels together without the godets, but use the godets in the back. I suppose it would look similar to the George and Ginger Swagger Sweater which is also really cute.

I’ve also seen some really cute makes from other sewists where they used lace for the godets. Or a solid color for the main fabric and something colorful that pops for the godets. Lots of possibilities!

If you like the pattern, be sure to check out HERE on the G+G website.

Happy Sewing!

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