free face mask sewing patterns

A List of Free Face Mask Sewing Patterns

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free face mask sewing patterns
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Free Face Mask Sewing Patterns

I know everyone has been looking for free face mask sewing patterns to make for themselves and others. I’ve combed through Facebook group posts and Google search results to bring you a list of all free masks.

I can’t speak to the ideal mask or the most or least protective. I’m just going to leave this list here and allow you to find the face mask you like and want to try.

Also, if you’ve never used PDF patterns before, you can check out my beginner PDF Pattern post HERE, which walks you through how to print all the way to storing your patterns.

So, here are a list of free face mask sewing patterns in no particular order:

Pleated Face Masks

pleated face mask pattern free
Photo by Bára Buri on Unsplash

Contoured Face Masks

Contoured face masks come in many shapes and sizes.

free contoured face mask patterns
Photo by Đông Viễn from Pexels

By the way, don’t touch your mask like this lady in the picture above!!

  • Olson Mask – Shaped mask in PDF format from a hospital in Iowa, USA
  • Craft Passion Face Mask – Shaped masked with ties. Sizes for kids through adults and many formats (pdf, svg, studio3)
  • Eunoia Designs Better Together Mask – Actually 3 different types of masks – hybrid, contoured, and a N95 cover mask – in 5 different sizes (kids through xl adult).
  • 7 Pine Design Mask – Shaped and folded sides with optional filter pocket that fits over medium N95 mask.
  • Aries Face Mask – Includes pocket for metal wire over nose and filter guidance. Here are the instructions.
  • Shannie Make Duckbill Style Mask – Includes video tutorial. Other styles of masks on the website.
  • Twisted Needle Textiles Mask – Basic Contoured mask with over the ears elastic.
  • Sweet Red Poppy Mask – Contoured mask that can be worn alone or over an N95 mask. There are other masks and a scrub cap on the website as well.
  • Eldenberry Blossoms Mask – Link to Google Drive here with PDFs. This one uses stretchy knit fabric across the top and bottom and through the loops or ties. Great if your out of elastic. Their Facebook Group has lots of extras including video tutorials.
  • DIBY – The Fabric Face Mask – Contoured face mask with only cotton woven. Pleated with binding on top and bottom, nose insert pocket, darts, and uses ties.
  • Twig + Tale Face Mask – Includes a pleated and a “panel” or contoured version. Elastic or ties instructions. And there is a committed Facebook group to help.
  • The Rona Mask by We So Got This – Contoured hybrid mask with nose dart and pleats. You do need to enter email to be sent the free mask pattern. Instructions are through the link above on the website page.

3D Face Masks

  • Hello Sewing 3D Mask – A unique 3D mask pattern with a nose triangle at the top. Includes a video on how to make it.The instructions are on the website page from this link. The pattern itself is a PDF download.
  • Sweet Red Poppy 3D Mask – 3D mask pattern. Includes PDF download for the actual mask, instructions are on the Sweet Red Poppy blog page.
  • See Kate Sew 3D Mask – This 3D mask includes a filter pocket piece. The instructions are on the website page from this link. The pattern itself is a PDF download.

Free Masks From YouTube

If watching videos is more your style, here are a few YouTube tutorials you can watch:


tips for sewing face masks
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

From a Nurse

Here’s a post I came across on Facebook from a nurse who received mask donations. Lots of helpful information about how they held up and tips when sewing the masks. Be sure to look through this especially if you are planning on donating face masks that you make.

Elastic vs Ties

I’ve seen quite a few comments about how the elastic ear loops are good if you need to pop it on for a short time, but for long wear use, the ties around the head are better. The elastic around the ears is making for sore ears!

Alternatively, I’ve seen people use elastic that goes around the back of the head, but this does use more elastic. Some people are making headbands or hats with buttons and the elastic then connects onto the headgear instead.

Nose Wire

If you choose to use something in the nose part, be sure that the metal will not rust if it’s sewn in. Also, pipe cleaners may work, but my flake apart through the wash.


I’m not going to go into what to use if you decide to add a filter pocket, but do your research if you want to do vacuum or HEPA related filters as I’ve heard they can have fiberglass in them.


I’ll let you all do your own research on how to clean your homemade masks. And there is information in many of the links above from each mask designer. However, I will add one tip here. Don’t put a dry mask in the microwave. I saw a picture of one on fire in a microwave. Not sure if it had metal in it or not!


Something I didn’t realize at first. If you make a pleated version or a contoured with pleats, be sure that your pleats are facing down and not up. You don’t want dust or any particulates to settle in the creases which is more likely to be “caught” if the pleats face up.

Proper Use

One last thing. Be sure to read up on proper face mask wearing. Like how long you should wear it, how to adjust and then remove the mask, etc.

I’ll Update You

I’ll try to come back and update this post after I’ve sewn up a few more myself to give more tips and feedback about the patterns above.

Hope this helps!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. […] family all wears glasses, and we found that the Elderberry Blossoms pattern had the best fog reduction. It uses a soft band of stretchy knit cotton along the top of the mask as […]

    1. JessicaLuckert says:

      That’s great feedback, thanks!

  2. You are missing the Rona by We Sew Got This

    1. JessicaLuckert says:

      I’ll look that one up, thanks!

  3. Thank you for featuring my 3d mask pattern, Jessica. Due to a popular demand I designed a face mask with a CLEAR REMOVABLE panel version of this mask. It’s great for the deaf/hard of hearing and teachers, because you can just remove the clear window, throw the mask in the wash and reuse! So easy

    1. Here’s the link on my blog

  4. Our mask making group in the UK started using the game-changing reverse nose fold back in May. It is a very simple adaptation and it solves glasses fogging without a nose wire. There’s no going back to the normal pleated design. Video tutorial here: Have a look 🙂

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