Hi all you awesome hobbyists! I’m Jessica, the author of the Let’s Go Hobby Blog, here to tell you a bit more about myself and the blog.

Why I Blog

I started this blog to dive deeper into my own hobbies with the hope that it would also help others with their interests. Through the years, I’ve realized a few things about myself:

  • I love to stay busy
  • I’m not interested in just one hobby, but a lot of them

I wouldn’t call myself a jack of all trades, but instead just a lover of new things. I really enjoy creating and using my hands. Whether that be in the garden, kitchen, or my craft room – I want to do as much as I can.

Although, I don’t currently work a traditional job, I’m not just a hobby enthusiast. I also have 3 little boys that I take care of and the house to manage. And of course, this blog that I write for all of you!

There are some late nights involved at times, and some busy days! But, I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Main Hobbies

You might be wondering what my hobbies are, and how much experience I have in all these hobbies. In some areas, I’m very knowledgeable and have dedicated a lot of my time to learning the ins and outs. With other hobbies, I’m still a beginner. I imagine it’s like that for everyone and their past-times!


I have been sewing on and off throughout my whole life. My mom actually has a degree in clothing and textiles and worked in that industry for most of my childhood. So I saw a lot of sewing growing up. But, I wasn’t really interested in doing a lot of sewing for myself until relatively recently.

Three years ago, a friend of mine had a sewing party at her house. We used PDF patterns to make a simple shirt. This was the first I had heard of PDF patterns, and it opened up a whole new world to me. (Because of this, I actually wrote my very first post on this blog about PDF patterns called PDF Patterns 101!)

Since then, I have sewn quite a few makes. I mostly make clothing for me; that’s my passion. But, I have made clothing for my kids and family as well as other projects.

I’ve never really been a quilter, but maybe when I have more time later in life, I’ll try that out too!


I never gardened growing up. Besides a best friend’s mom, I don’t even remember anyone else gardening around me in my childhood.

I think I got interested in the hobby in my early twenties. I was into fitness and health at the time and my husband and I had just bought our first house. I wanted to try to grow healthy vegetables in our new yard.

About a year into my gardening adventure, I heard about the Master Gardening program through my local county extension. So, I signed up!

I actually think I took the course too early. As a beginner gardener, a lot of the information was not yet applicable to me in the stage I was at. Now, however, I still have the binder with all my notes, and have gained lots of great knowledge by reading back through it!

If you have 3 or more years of gardening under your belt, I would recommend the program. If anything, even as a new gardener, it gave me a zest for more growing and a better appreciation for plants and soil and the whole ecosystem surrounding gardening.

I post a lot about gardening on Instagram. There are actually 2 LGH Instagram accounts, so check out this one for Gardening posts! – www.instagram.com/letsgohobby


Well who doesn’t like it!? Food makes the world go ’round. And I love a great recipe. I actually wrote my first personal blog many years ago and included many of my cooking and baking escapades on it.

That blog is no longer published, but I have gone back and found some fun recipes I made up to share with you now. Like my Barley Breakfast Bars recipe for example.

I’m not a gourmet cook, but I do love experimenting with food and recipes when I can. I especially like trying out recipes from different cultures around the world. From street tacos, to sushi, to curry, to falafel and beyond!

I’ve always been curious about how many spices other people have in their cabinets. I think if someone asked me what the one thing I would want to see in their kitchen, it would be their spice collection. Mine is probably more extensive than most.

Yarn Crafts

For me, this is crochet right now. At one point I was crocheting a ton. Making boot warmers, diaper holders, hats, ear warmers… That’s slowed down a ton for me recently, as I’m focusing more on sewing in the craft arena right now.

I do still enjoy crochet, it just takes a lot longer to come to a finished project. And in my life right now, time for each interest is limited! I just have one post about crocheting, you can see that HERE.

Also, I did try out knitting once. I made a little scarf. I was not great at it, but I do realize that with any hobby, it takes time to get good at it. I will have to try it out again one day!

As time allows, I’ll make more yarn crafting posts in the future for you all!

Earring Making

This is one hobby I have that I haven’t posted on the website about yet. I did post a little tutorial on Instagram in a story (the sewing and craft profile – www.instagram.com/sewletsgohobby).

I’ve actually made quite a few simple earrings. There will be a post about this in the future as it’s simple, fun, and pretty easy to make earrings.

For You, The Reader

I truly hope you find useful information in the posts you read here. And I hope that my enthusiasm for these hobbies encourages you to pursue yours whether or not you are interested in the same hobbies as me.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for me or the blog!

You can contact me on any of the social media sites I post to (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)

Or, by emailing me at letsgohobby@letsgohobby.com