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If you have seen this particular pattern before, you might realize that it looks different than intended. It’s hacked!

If you haven’t seen the Runway Top and Dress before, you can see the pattern on the George and Ginger website¬†HERE.

The Mash

While the top part of the shirt is the same as the original pattern, the bottom half of the pattern is supposed to have a band at the waist, and then a gathered skirt to tunic or dress length. I chose to mash the top original pattern with a basic shirt bottom instead of a waistband and skirt!

I used the basic tank (which is actually free in the GG Facebook group files!) for the bottom half of this shirt. So the two patterns are:

  • Runway Top and Dress
  • Basic Tank


The fabrics I used are both from Knitpop, an awesome online fabric store. The gray on top is a shiny stretch velvet, and the black on bottom is DBP (Double Brushed Poly).

Modifying the Patterns

I used stretch velvet for the top and made it as per the pattern instructions except, I didn’t line it, mostly to save fabric. So I just cut the two main pieces.

For the bottom of the shirt, I started by laying out the fabric and putting the front band piece on top. Now this is not a regular rectangular band, but more of a large triangular band that connects below the bust gathers.

I then used the free basic tank and aligned the bottom of the band with the narrowest part of the basic tank (at its natural waist). I then did the same for the back band pattern piece. See below!

pattern mash

The basic tank is a bit more loose fitting, so it’s wider. I wanted this to be tighter fitting and be able to tuck it in if so desired. So you can see that the pattern piece is hanging off the side a bit in the pic below.

I just cut the tank to the same width as the band and then graded out slightly since I’m a pear shape.

how to mash 2 patterns

When attaching the bottom piece, I put it right sides together with the top gathered part since I omitted the lining. And then just hemmed the very bottom of the shirt.

black fancy shirt

Easy as pie right?!

how to sew a shirt
shirt sewing pattern

You can find this pattern on the George and Ginger Website Here – The Runway Dress.

And the tank is available in the George and Ginger Facebook Group Files. You can join the group HERE. Then you’ll just navigate to the files section once you’ve been accepted into that group and download the patterns you like. There are more than just the basic tank!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Happy Sewing!

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