Patterns for Pirates Pencil Skirt (Free Sewing Pattern)

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This is the Patterns for Pirates, Pirate Pencil Skirt. It’s a free sewing pattern! Don’t you just love free?

pencil skirt free sewing pattern

Patterns for Pirates

Patterns for Pirates Patterns (or P4P for short) has a bunch of fun freebies. You can see the rest of their freebies by clicking HERE. The drafting is pretty good, and the patterns are mostly on the basic side with awesome instructions. Great for beginners.

PDF Patterns

P4P is actually where I started with PDF Patterns.  A friend of mine had a make a shirt sewing party. It was so fun. And kind of crazy since we all brought our young kids with us and there were probably 18 kids wreaking havoc on her house as we looked after them while cutting and sewing!

We made the Slim Fit Raglan shirt (known as the SFR in the P4P Facebook group). It was the first shirt I made and actually turned out pretty well for my first!

By the way, if you aren’t familiar with PDF patterns, you can check out my PDF 101 post HERE which is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to PDF patterns!

Pencil Skirt Options

The Pirate Pencil Skirt has a few options. Firstly the sizes available are womens xxs through 3xl. So, a pretty good size range (especially for a free sewing pattern).

The rise options are:

  • Mid Rise
  • High Rise

And length options are:

  • Above the knee
  • Below the knee
  • Midi (mid calf)


I made this skirt from some leftover sweater knit I had (Joann’s fabric). I had previously made the P4P Cocoon Cardigan with the same fabric cut.

Loose sweater knit fabric like this has a tendency to fray, so be sure to finish all raw edges as if it’s woven fabric if you make one like this. I actually double serged the seams so the fibers would stay in place.

My Skirt

I chose to make the waist at the midrise option for this particular skirt. The high rise would be really cute too. Especially if you wanted to tuck a tighter top into the skirt.

The skirt length is shorter than the pattern intended, since I just didn’t have enough fabric to make it as long as even the above knee length. But, I actually really like this length!

The pattern uses a knit waistband (you can also use the contoured waistband from the free leggings pattern (Pegs)). Since the fabric I used didn’t have a lot of stretch or recovery, I cut a waistband at the same width as the skirt and made a casing for 2 inch elastic instead. I cut the elastic at the same length as the waistband length noted in the pattern.

The hem is folded over twice at 1/2 inch and then sewed 1/8 from the top edge.


Make it fancy with a nice shirt and heels, or dress it down with flats. I made it casual with brown flats and a loose knit t-shirt for the pictures.

But, it’s also really cute with a black fluttery tank black heels. Another way I’ve worn the skirt is with the same grey shirt, plus brown leggings and boots in the winter!


If you are interested in downloading the pattern, you can find it HERE on the Patterns for Pirates website. Enjoy!

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Happy Sewing!

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