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Oversized Shirts

Are oversized shirts in style right now?

Oh yes! They definitely are. Large chunky or drapey tops are very fashionable. Tuck them in or leave them out. Band them. Make them long or make them short.

It’s all in!

PDF Sewing Patterns for women

This particular PDF sewing pattern, the Ellie and Mac Oversized Tee, comes with all of that. Yup, lots and lots of options. Packed with them!

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Check out the line drawing from the Ellie and Mac Pattern website:

Ellie and Mac Oversized Tee Sewing Pattern

Oodles of Options

The EM Oversized Tee has sooo many options, check out all the items below! ⬇

Neckband Options:

  • Banded Crew Neck
  • Banded Boat Neck
  • Faced Boat Neck (off the shoulder)
  • Hoodie Variation

Sleeve Options

  • Short Drop Sleeve
  • Long Drop Sleeve, Cuffed

Bodice Options

  • Banded Short Crop
  • Hemmed Short Crop
  • Hemmed Long Crop
  • Drawstrings Long Crop
  • Hemmed Shirt Length
  • Hemmed Tunic Length

Pocket Option

  • Optional kangaroo pocket for banded or hemmed crop

Oof! That was a long list right? Seriously a good deal. I love patterns that give you so much for the price.

The Oversized Tee Pattern comes in sizes XXS – 7XL. It has Letter, A4, A0 and projector versions included, as well as layers, so you can just print (or project!) the size(s) you want (easier to cut with less lines and saves ink!).

Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

My Oversized Tee Sew

I’m a bit late on posting this sew as it’s been a few months since a made it, oops! Life got busy. But, interestingly enough, I just realized I’m wearing the exact shirt you see in my pictures. It still looks great and I wear it often!

This is my “pretending I’m a model” pose 😉.

Ellie and Mac Oversized Shirt Sewing Pattern
Ellie and Mac Oversized Shirt Pattern


The instructions for the Oversized Tee states to use 50% 4-way stretch fabric. I used a polyester rib knit I ordered from Knitpop Fabrics a while back. I really like Knitpop Fabric Shop because they have great sales and I always get what I expected when I receive the fabric order!

I wanted to make sure the fabric I used had enough drape so that it still looked flattering even though it’s a wider fit. I think I achieved that with this polyester rib knit fabric choice!

PDF Sewing Pattern

Pattern Options I Chose

Out of all the options listed above for the Oversized Tee Pattern, I chose:

  • Banded Crew Neck
  • Long Drop Sleeve, Cuffed
  • Hemmed Shirt Length
  • No Pocket

My Thoughts

I love it! It’s a super cute PDF sewing pattern and I love how my make turned out. I wear this shirt often and always feel stylish and on trend wearing it!

Next time I make this sewing pattern, I’d like to make the cropped version and do a neckband hack for a different look. I’ve noticed that it’s popular to have a thicker neckband these days with the style trends, so I want to thicken up the neckband.

This will change the width needed for the neckband too (by width I mean across the stretch of the band, so it would be the longer side of the band piece). The band will need to be shorter across the width of the fabric so it doesn’t stick up and out after being sewn in! Stay tuned for that pattern hack in the future!

Where you can find the pattern:

You can find this cute PDF sewing pattern on the Ellie and Mac Pattern website HERE!

If you are also interested, there’s a kids version of this pattern! You can see the kids version of the PDF sewing pattern HERE.

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Happy Sewing!

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