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Ellie and Mac Be Bold + Pinsperation Upcycle

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This post is part of the Ellie and Mac Summer Pinsperation event. What is a Pinsperation you might ask? That is finding a picture or “pin” from Pinterest that you like and trying to re-create the look. How did I do?! I used the Ellie and Mac, Be Bold pattern to recreate this off the shoulder striped look. An old shirt from my husband was the perfect way to make a fun quick shirt for next to nothing.

The Be Bold  is really a cute pattern. It also has options for a flounce at the neckline, a few different sleeve looks, and an elastic waist for a full dress. A perfect pattern to use up lots of woven fabric!

Using an already made rtw shirt makes this sew super fast. I started with a large sized mens shirt.

Laid the pattern on top to see the length and width needed. It was a little bit longer that the pattern, but the width was close. So I kept the side seams and hem the same and just cut out the top and armscyes.

*Use a ruler at the top to ensure you cut straight across. If you have a cutting mat, you can line up the shirt and ruler to ensure a straight cut.

Make sure to flip the pattern over to cut the opposite side out.

This was a short sleeved shirt, so I placed the pattern piece on top of the sleeve with the hem line near the short sleeve marking and cut the sleeve out. Remember since it’s already sewn on the side, it’s okay to leave the width of the pattern piece off the sleeve a bit.

Then use the first sleeve to cut out the second for ease.

Finally, just use the pattern instructions to complete the shirt!

If using a larger sized shirt or making a smaller sized pattern, you might be able to cut out a flounce for the top too or make longer sleeves! No old husband shirts? Check out nearby thrift stores!

If you don’t love the off the shoulder look, I have a friend who uses a shorter piece of elastic to pull the neckline onto the shoulders and it looks super cute too.

Click HERE to see this pattern on the Ellie and Mac Website. Have fun with your Pinsperations and Upcycles!

Happy Sewing!

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