George and Ginger Road Trip

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GG Road Trip 

Sewing Pattern

I tried this on for fit after sewing the shoulder and side seams and had a major flashback to Dirty Dancing (the movie). Did you ever see it? With Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

Does this ring a bell?
Dirty Dancing Pose
No? Okay here’s Jennifer Grey doing it the right way.
Source: Lionsgate
Now do you remember? We’ve come full circle from 1963, or is it 1987 when the movie was released? Well, either way styles come back. And some never really go out of style! 
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I really like the back of this top too. The scoop neck is just low enough to show some skin, keep you cool, and…look cute of course. But not so low that you can’t wear your regular, ahem, under things. The neckline is finished using a binding. I chose to make the the tank version, so the armscye is closed with a binding as well. The pattern does come with the option for sleeves all the way to full length sleeves. It also has the option for a lace up peek a boo placket in the front. The leg holes use a binding as well and if you have never sewed a binding on before, don’t worry, the instructions are awesome with step-by-step graphics. Go check out the listing HERE to see the other options.
Oh, did I mention that the GG Road Trip is a body suit? Which means, your shirt will never come untucked! I added snaps to mine with pre-made snap tape. I didn’t even know they made this stuff. 

Quick Tutorial

 Measure your snap tape against the place you want to place it. I found I could fit three snaps across on the Road Trip plackets. Pin or clip the snap tape on.
 I recommend using a zipper foot to ensure you can get into the tight spaces around the snaps. 
snaps with zipper foot
 Now simply sew all the way around the tape and you are done. This can be done before or after you have added the binding (in the pattern) as long as the snaps aren’t too close to the edge.
Add the snap tape to both plackets (be sure to mimic how the body suit with snap together for placement before you sew!) 
sew snaps or snap tape on a body suit
Voila, now you don’t have to take the whole thing off every time you use the facilities.
Body Suit
Does this move look right?
No? Not quite, huh? I’ll leave the dancing to the pros.

If you want to sew the Road Trip, check it out on the George and Ginger site HERE

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Happy Sewing!

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