Common Sewing Acronyms

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  • CL – Cotton Lycra, also known as Cotton Spandex fabric
  • DBP – Double Brushed Polyester fabric
  • FBA – Full Bust Adjustment or Alteration
  • FH – Fat Half yard
  • FQ – Fat Quarter yard
  • FOE – Fold Over Elastic
  • FT – French Terry fabric
  • ITY – Interlocking Twist Yarn fabric
  • LP – Liverpool fabric
  • PPD – Postage Paid Domestic (used in fabric buying groups)
  • RS – Rayon Spandex fabric
  • RST – Right Sides Together (right sides of the fabric)
  • RTW – Ready To Wear (clothing from a store)
  • SA – Seam Allowance
  • SAL – Sew Along
  • SBP – Single Brushed Polyester fabric
  • UFO – Unfinished Object
  • WIP – Work In Progress
  • WOF – Width of Fabric
  • WS – Wrong Side (might also see WST – Wrong Sides Together)
You will notice if you join the indie pattern Facebook Groups, that there are acronyms within each designer’s circle. For example, Patterns for Pirates shirts are called LMU, SFR, ET, FST, etc. (btw, that’s Layer Me Up, Slim Fit Raglan, Essential Tank, and Free Spirit Tank). So, some of the acronyms, you might have to learn as you go!

Can you think of any I missed? Comment below and I’ll add it!

Happy Sewing!


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