Romy Set Sewing Patterns – George and Ginger

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The George and Ginger Romy Set! This is a fun pattern set, it’s really like 4 patterns in one with the two seperate makes and all the options.

Tank Pattern Options

The tank pattern has options for:

  • a slim or flowy fit,
  • plus either shirt length or dress length.

So, essentially you can make a shirt length tank or dress length tank in either a slim or flowy silhouette.

Bolero Pattern Options

The bolero pattern can be

  • gathered and below the bust
  • or an over the bust option with no gathers

The bolero also has sleeve options:

  • sleeveless
  • short sleeves
  • 3/4s length sleeves
  • full sleeves

The bolero can be lined or unlined. There are pattern pieces and instructions for either.

The Tank Make

For my make, I chose the flowy tank at shirt length and the gathered bolero, unlined, with long sleeves.

I liked the idea of a flowy tank at shirt length as I plan to wear this tank top in the summer as a separate too, and I’m really enjoying my looser tank tops in the warm weather.


The fabric for the tank is one of my favorites from Knitpop. It’s DBP (double brushed polyester) and I’ve made a dress, headband, scrunchies, this tank, plus a shirt for my Mother-in-Law. It’s all gone now :(. 

I actually didn’t have quite enough for the back of the tank, so I color blocked with some fun lace I picked up at Walmart.

tank with lace color blocking


This is actually only my second V-neck shirt (read: I’ve been avoiding them!).

Well, good thing instructions for G+G patterns are so good. I will say the only thing that the instructions didn’t mention, that I did, was to baste the ‘V’ on before sewing all the way around the neckband. I basted twice before getting the look I wanted.

Sew a V-neck tank top

My Bolero

Now onto the Bolero, I chose the unlined gathered version this time because I wanted to use less fabric (thus the unlined), and also have a nice little sweater top for cute dresses and shirts like this for colder weather.

After making the bolero, I would say, if you have the fabric, I think the lined version would look more finished at the neck. In the unlined version, the top of the turtleneck is just flipped down and hemmed. If you do choose to do the unlined version, be sure to get matching thread!

I wanted to make the gathered bolero because I liked the look of it better with the looser fitting tank option I made based on the tester photos (HERE)

I chose to make long sleeves, because I run cold. So if I’m going to wear a sweater, it better have some sleeves on it! And it’s unlined because – fabric savings

Bolero Fabric

The fabric for the bolero was from a sweater knit bundle from Walmart. Nothing special, but it worked great for this project and also for the Rebecca Page Keeley Cardigan too!

This particular sweater knit has mostly 2-way stretch and is soft with a nice drape. It doesn’t seem to pill much, so I guess I got lucky with a good find in the Walmart remnant packs!

Romy set sewing patterns bolero sweater


If you wanted to show more skin, the other pattern option on the bolero ends higher up, so that you can see the v-neck of the tank while wearing it.

The bolero can also be made short sleeved or sleeveless if you just needed something to cover your shoulders! Maybe for a formal event with a sleeveless dress!

Romy Set PDF Sewing patterns

With so many different options, this pattern can make a ton of looks. Be sure to check out the listing HERE for all the tester photos on this PDF pattern.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below!!

Happy Sewing!

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